Thursday, March 24, 2011


 Just finished knitting a fluffy boucle cowl. So I thought I would show that as my current finished product.

This is the pic of the babies in the bathroom. They've taken to sitting on the toilet... It's kind of nice that they are just using the tub as the bathroom. I only have to clean the tub a few times a day. They have some blankets on the floor, but they only seem to sleep on them. During the day they're either on the toilet or sink.
They will soon move outside as Eidel is completely healthy. They have a dog house currently for their bed and they will get a dog run so they can get to the grass. I'll bring them outside the run when I'm out there gardening, but I know they would eat the roses, trees, and garden before they get the grass if they were left alone.

I will soon be washing some llama wool and some sheep that I got through a friend's friend. The llama staple length is insanely long! One hair I measured was 15 inches!
It's just really dirty, I'll have to wash it outside, in tubs. Will have pictures of it when the time comes.

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