Sunday, March 27, 2011

Butter Finished

Sorry it took so long to post this. Social drama that needed resolving.

Cinnamon honey butter!
This is just the best stuff in the world. The only problem is that homemade butter tends to get hard in the fridge, but either letting it sit out until it's room temp. or putting in the microwave for a few seconds puts it right back at soft.
Ramona and Eidel are weaning themselves, wierdest thing I've ever seen. Normally it's a huge chore, but they've just been eating less milk and more hay and grain by themselves. They will also be moving outside in the next three days.

Also, I sell my chicken's eggs at our local Co-Op. Wednesday, when I brought in a few dozen, I was approached by a lady. She immediately introduced her self as a proud vegan and asked me how I kept my chickens. I told her they practically have a mansion, an 8x12ft shed with a run twice the size of their shed and they roam the 1 1/2 acre of a yard during the off growing seasons, so early spring, late fall and winter. She kept insisting that I was imprisoning my chickens and forcing them to lay eggs, then stealing their future babies. (keep in mind I don't have roosters) Lol, some people... I just had to leave eventually, I was getting nowhere with her.

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  1. I am an ethical vegetarian, but in regard to that woman, she needs to spend some time at the battery hen cages. Once you see that horror, smell that smell, she will be giving you a hug for treating your chickens so wonderfully.